Needs for liquids in the Sports Nutrition Plan

Every day, we need to replace about two liters of liquids to balance the losses of the body in general - Although you may experience no loss of sweat during sports training, consumption of liquids should be taken into consideration. If we need two liters every day, imagine what will be needed during an intense effort to maintain good sports nutrition. When the body heats up, sweat production helps to reduce the temperature. Sweat rate may vary between individuals, and increases with greater effort and in warmer environments. Think of your body like a car with a radiator, if you do not keep the radiator filled with liquid, the car overheats and breaks.

The same goes for your body, if it is not well hydrated. Lack of fluids leads to gradual reduction in mental and physical performance and increases the degree of dehydration. Liquids and drinks are important for the competition strategies. So it's a good nutritional practice to start developing good habits in the consumption of liquid. Thirst is not enough to create a suitable plan for good hydration. For good sports nutrition it is essential to be organized and drink plenty of fluids during the day.
Strategies to replace fluids during the day

•    Make sure you drink liquids at all meals. Do not forget that water is an excellent choice as a beverage.

•    Be especially careful in hot and humid weather as you should increase the amount of drinking fluids.

•    Keep an extra fluids and drinks near you during the day. Bring a bottle of own water so you can drink wherever you are.

•    Hydrate quickly after a workout. Remember that you will continue to lose fluid during recovery through urine and sweat. You need to drink 1.5 times the value lost over the next 1-2 hours after exercise to get a good hydration (for example, if you lose 1 kg per workout, you have to drink 1500 ml to hydrate).

•    Note the fluid lost through sweat during sports, and know how to replace them. If you weighed before and after training, you can measure only the loss of fluid. 1 kg of weight lost = 1 liter of liquid.

•    Try to keep fluid loss to a minimum whenever practice sport, drinking as often as you can.

•    In events of more than 1 hour, considering from sports nutrition, it can be beneficial to consume carbohydrates with your drink, as if it were a sports drink.

During the game

The most important thing in sport is fluid intake, even from the point of view of sports nutrition. Preferably, if it is already well hydrated with large fluid intake throughout the day, there should not be much pressure to drink a large volume of fluid during a competition. There is a gradual reduction in performance with increasing the degree of dehydration.
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Tips to remember:

•    Try to consume water whenever you possibly can, that is, when there is a break in the game.

•    Have your own water bottle and watch what you drink.

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